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EXPEDITOR™ 1100S Culinary Blender - 1 Gal / 4 L
HBF1100S Series

Perfect balance of agility, productivity and capacity

The 1100 Series takes the top spot for high-volume, high-performance blending in the EXPEDITOR™ Family of Culinary Blenders. With a one-gallon capacity, it delivers more servings per blend, maximizing blending efficiency. 

Product Features
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    • Low profile design
    • Powerful 3.5 Hp motor
    • Lid Interlock indicator light
    • See-through lid with 120 ml/4 oz. dosing cup
    • Load-Sensing Technology (230V only)
    • Precision control touchpad
    • One-touch CHOP function
    • Custom program buttons
    • Preset timer buttons
    • Tested for moisture resistance
    • 1 Gal / 4L stainless steel container
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    • High-strength stainless steel blades
    • Temperature gauge
    • Lifetime warranty - blade and motor drive coupling
    • 3 year warranty

    Improved ergonomics The powerful 3.5 Hp motor sits behind the container, not below it, to make it easier for chefs to use the viewing port in the lid and to move the unit.

    Power Strong enough to power through thick ingredients in the least amount of time and optimized for maximum motor life.

    Lid Interlock function warns when the jar and lid are not aligned and ensures that the blender won't start until the jar and lid are securely in place.

    Lid designed for precision and safety Unique stainless steel jar provides a transparent lid for optimal control over food texture and consistency. Large 4 oz. dosing cup makes adding liquid for emulsions easy while blending hot and cold food.

    Speed adjusts automatically between a low and high range according to load and ingredient resistance.

    Precision Equipped with a wide variety of touch controls and a variable speed dial to provide multiple possibilities for every commercial kitchen.

    CHOP Function is a unique, versatile feature that offers you the ultimate control over food's consistency. To use it, press Chop and turn the variable speed dial to your preferred speed from low to high.

    Pre-programmed Cycles Create custom blending programs with precise control using P1 and P2 buttons to keep recipes consistent. As your menu changes, update programs easily by inserting a memory card.

    Free up time Operators can move on to other tasks by using one of four time buttons with their choice of HIGH, VARIABLE, CHOP or PULSE and still achieve the desired result.


    Rigorous functional testing Our test lab developed the Rain Machine to test the design of each high-performance blender -- including the EXPEDITOR™ 1100 Series -- to insure maximum protection against the moisture ingress that can otherwise dramatically shorten the life of your blender. As a result, our blenders will keep running through everyday spills and splashes.

    Brushed stainless steel construction built for long-lasting performance in the world's busiest commercial kitchens.

    Blade Design This one-piece durable stainless steel blade has 4 sharpened cutting surfaces that quickly cut through food ingredients for exceptional blending, grinding, chopping, and pureeing applications.

    Temperature Gauge A temperature gauge alerts the operator if motor overheats while blending back-to-back batches.

    Lifetime Warranty The stainless steel blade and motor drive coupling are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the life of the product.

    For a detailed warranty statement, please click here.

    Your satisfaction is important to us.

    We understand that your foodservice equipment is a crucial element to the profitability of your business. That's why we offer the following warranty coverage for this product.

    3 year warranty for parts and labor is provided for this high performance blender.

    Inside the continental US- This product has an Express Care Warranty covering service for the first two years, where a replacement unit will be quickly dispatched to your location if needed. To understand how our Express Care Warranty works, please click here.

    Outside of the continental United States- This product carries a Global Care Warranty for three years. This warrants the product against defects in material and workmanship. To understand how our Global Care Warranty works, please click here.

    For a detailed warranty statement, please click here.

  • EXPEDITOR™ 1100 Demo Video
  • Unit comes with base, brushed stainless steel container with overmolded handles, transparent lid, and 120 ml/ 4 oz. removable dosing cup

    Controls: Touchpad

    120V Specifications: 120V~, 60Hz, 14 A

    230V Specifications: 220-240V~, 50-60Hz, 1400-1500 W

    Motor: 3.5 Hp

    Weight: 24.3 lbs/ 11 kg (shipping)

    Warranty: 3 year parts and labor;  Express Care first two years (U.S. only); Global Care three years (outside U.S.)