Beverage Automation

PrimePour™ Commercial Liquor Dispenser

PrimePour™ Cocktails on Tap
Model COT2000

Fast and consistent. Complex cocktails made easy!

Product Features
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    • Simple installation
    • Drive impulse sales
    • Speed of service benefits operators and consumers
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    • No electricity required
    • Portion and quality control
    • Small footprint
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    • Slide-out bottle tray
    • Spirit level window in front door
    • Drink Mix BIB easily replaced
    • Versatile for a wide variety of locations
    • Warranty, installation, and national program for service available

    Simple Installation Tap platform slides onto bartop without tools. Hose from the tap easily attaches to base unit underneath the bar.

    Drive Impulse Sales with eye-catching single or double tap towers. Includes convenient drip tray for a neat bartop. (Note: double tap towers require 1 base unit for each tower.)

    Speed of Service Fill glass with ice, pull forward on tap handle, then garnish as desired. Customers have less wait time, operators increase profits by serving more cocktails.

    No Electricity Required Powered by CO2. Can be directly connected to a tank or to existing CO2 system.

    Portion and Quality Control The spirit to mix ratio is fixed at 3:1 and does not require any adjustment by the operator. This exact calibration of mix and spirit offers consistent taste profile (within one location or chain wide). Saves money through preventing overpour of spirit.

    Small Footprint fits easily under bar. Dimensions of base unit: 13"/33 cm W x 24.5"/62 cm H x 24"/61 cm D

    Slide-Out Bottle Tray Three 1 liter or 750 ml spirit bottles fit securely into reservoir. The slide out tray allows for quick replacement of bottles.

    Spirit Level Window The spirit bottles empty from back to front. The bartender can quickly see if the front spirit bottle is low that bottles need to be replaced.

    Drink Mix BIB Easily Replaced Common QCD connector easily connects/disconnects to drink mix bag in box. Pumps automatically shut down when BIB is empty. Approximately 85 drinks (6 oz cocktails) per BIB.

    Versatile Faster service of cocktails for many venues: restaurants, bars, arenas, stadiums, airports, cruise lines, amusement parks.

    Get Coverage A limited warranty is available for purchase at the time of sale. For a detailed warranty statement, please click here.

  • Standard unit includes:  base, tap tower, tap platform, removable drip tray

    CO2 powered

    Weight:  84 lbs / 38 kg (shipping)

    Warranty:  May be purchased for up to 4 years.

    Patent Pending


    Dimensions of base unit:

    13"/33 cm wide 

    24"/61 cm deep 

    24.5"/62 cm high