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SmartServe™ Blend in Cup Commercial Drink Dispenser

SmartServe™ Blend in Cup
BIC2000 Series

No more blender jars

This commercial equipment will help you generate significant savings by serving blended drinks with minimal labor, no wasted ingredients, and as little as 10oz (300ml) of water to completely rinse between drinks. 

Product Features
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    • Blends in disposable cups
    • Labor saving
    • Easy to operate
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    • No waste
    • Space saving design
    • Self rinsing
    • Water savings
    • No dispensing
    • Consistent output
    • Easy installation
    • 1 year warranty

    Efficient Process Everything you put into the cup is served to the customer. No more wasted ingredients left in blender jars.

    Labor Saving Operators can do other tasks or engage with customers while serving more than a drink per minute with this greatly simplified process.

    Easy to Operate Operators simply select drink type and cup size. SmartServe™ has the ability to blend up to 9 combinations of different blend cycles and cup sizes.

    No Waste Everything you put in the cup is served to the customer, compared with up to 10% waste with blender jars.

    Space Saving Design Requires only 7.5" of counter width, plus no more blender jars to store.

    Self Rinsing Operators can engage customers while the equipment automatically rinses itself between each drink with as little as 10oz/300ml of water.

    Water Savings Compared with manual cleaning of blender jars, SmartServe™ can cut water usage by as much as 8X.

    No Dispensing The step of pouring from a blender jar into the serving cup is completely eliminated.

    Consistent Output with a perfectly controlled process. Machine parameters can be changed easily via USB port.

    Quick and Easy to Install Just requires a standard 1/4" O.D. water line and standard 3/4" PVC drain.

    We understand that your equipment is a crucial element to the profitability of your business. For a detailed warranty statement, please click here.

    This product carries a 1 year Global Care Warranty. This warrants the product against defects in material and workmanship for a period of (1) year from the date of original purchase. To understand how our Global Care warranty works, please click here.

  • Controls: Touchpad with USB port for program changes

    120V Specifications: 120V~, 60Hz, 7 Amps

    230V Specifications: 220V-240V~ , 50-60Hz,  3.5A

    Weight: 90 lbs/22.7 kg (shipping)

    Warranty: 1 year