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PrimaVac™ 254 In-Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

PrimaVac™254 In-Chamber Vacuum Sealer
HVC254 Series

Ideal for menu development with a compact footprint

If space is a limitation, and your primary purpose is menu development or small portions, such as for sous vide, the most compact option in the PrimaVac™ line is the PrimaVac™254. It features a 10” / 254mm seal bar and the most compact PrimaVac chamber.  The PrimaVac™254 covers an array of applications. 

Product Features
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    • Full 254 mm/ 10" Seal Bar
    • JetAire™ Vacuum Sealing Pump
    • 10 Custom Programs
    • n/a
    • Customizable Variable Settings
    • Adjustable Soft Air
    • Vacuum Gauge
    • Stainless Steel Housing
    • Removable Heat Seal Bar
    • Removable Filler Plate
    • Maintenance Kit and Oil Change Reminders
    • PrimaVac™ Pouch Selection
    • cETLus, CE and NSF certified
    • 2 year warranty
    • Additional 1 year warranty available with product registration

    Experiment and produce The PrimaVac™ 254 features most compact chamber size and can handle bags up to 10" x 13" / 25cm x 33cm.

    Powerful, top-quality pump The JetAire™ pump in the PrimaVac™ 254 has a pump capacity of 8 cubic meters per hour in both the 120 and 230 volt versions and removes up to 99.9% of air. Designed for PrimaVac™ vacuum sealers, our high-performance JetAire™ rotary vane pumps are built with the finest materials to offer robust, long-lasting service in commercial and institutional kitchens.

    Adjust 4 different elements Custom programming lets you select the perfect soft air setting and adjust vacuuming, sealing, cooling and gas insertion times for different food and culinary applications. Choose from preloaded programs provided with the unit or overwrite them with your own.

    Adjustable for Optimum Performance Customize vacuum and sealing times, soft air time, and heat bar cooling time to produce exactly the results you need. LED lights on the control panel not only remind you which element you're adjusting, but also lead you through each phase of the vacuum cycle as it operates.

    Slows Compression Optional in most other brands, this feature allows you to adjust the desired time to allow air back into the chamber according to the food being processed.

    Dynamic Display indicates amount of air extracted from chamber so that the operator can stop the vacuum pump mid-cycle when a partial vacuum is required.

    Durable Construction Each unit is engineered with materials designed to withstand the rigorous demands of a commercial or institutional kitchen.

    Easy to Clean The removeable heat seal bar is protected with a silicone pad for easy cleaning and food safety.

    Adjust the chamber size The removeable filler plate lifts out to provide room for bulky food.

    Keep equipment performance optimized PrimaVac™ machines come with everything you need to keep them functioning at peak performance. In addition, each PrimaVac™ features an oil change reminder and built-in oil preheating function to keep the JetAire™ pump at its best.

    Versatility meets function
    PrimaVac™ Pouches are designed to work with any in-chamber vacuum packaging machine and feature 3mil and 4mil thicknesses in a wide variety of sizes. Our selection suits every food, from the most delicate to wet, dry or bone-in. PrimaVac™ Pouches are made from 9 layers of BPA-free, FDA-approved films and resins. Retherm pouches offer the added benefit of allowing food to be boiled, microwaved, or frozen without compromising the contents.

    We understand that your foodservice equipment is a crucial element to the profitability of your business. For a detailed warranty statement, please click here.

    This product carries a 2 year Global Care Warranty. This warrants the product against defects in material and workmanship for a period of (2) years from the date of original purchase. To understand how our Global Care warranty works, please click here.

  • Heat Seal Bar: 10" / 254mm


    120V: 60 Hz, 300 Watts, 3 Amps
    Pump capacity: 8 cubic meters per hour

    220V: 60Hz, 300 Watts, 3 Amps
    Pump capacity:  8 cubic meters per hour

    Shipping Weight: 64 lbs / 29 kg

    Warranty: 2 years, plus an additional year for product registration

    UPC:  040094936816

    Case Pack Qty: 1